1995 Nissan Pathfinder

Sadly I’m thinking of parting ways with my 1995 Nissan Pathfinder SE V6 – I love this truck but it’s time for something new. I am the second owner and bought this truck in November 2020 with 61,949 miles. I documented almost my entire ownership on the instagram account I made.

This car has been my daily driver for the past few years and it has been incredibly reliable. I’ve taken really good care of it and with the exception of driving it out of town it’s been parked in my garage almost every night I’ve had it. We’ve had fun in the snow but it’s it’s always been taken care of and parked inside. I’ve driven it from Chicago to Georgia 1700~ miles round trip twice and it has not skipped a beat.

This truck is mechanically sound and has always started up even in the coldest of Chicago weather. I’ve never had a light come up on the dash and it was totally optioned out from the dealer and still has the original dealer bumper sticker and license plate cover, which I thought was cool so I kept them. I even have the original trunk cargo net, floor mats, owners manual, and toolkit. Here is the breakdown on this spec from the brochure:

  • Paint: Cobalt Green Pearl
  • Automatic-locking front hubs
  • Fog lamps
  • Spare tire carrier
  • Flip-up (removable) glass sunroof
  • Alloy wheels
  • Step rail(s) – I only have one
  • Rear spoiler
  • Power windows
  • Power locks
  • Heated power mirrors
  • Heated seats
  • Remote control entry
  • and more

This is one of the cleanest pathfinders out there and I tried to keep it that way. Below are pros & improvements I’ve done and some things that could use some attention.


  • AC blows Cold
  • Heat blows hot
  • All power options (except the antenna) still work. It’s stuck up
  • Heated seats still toast buns
  • Key fob locks & unlocks doors
  • Original cargo net, floor mats, manual, toolbox, and jack.
  • Mechanically very sound and LOW miles for the year & truck
  • Replaced the timing belt in the first year of ownership, around 10k miles on it.
  • Flushed and replaced the fluids
  • Rebuilt the master cylinder
  • Replaced inner & outer tie rods
  • Replaced damaged CV boot
  • Adjusted sagging front torsion bar
  • New tires and bought matching full-size rim & tire for rear spare carrier
  • Installed new head unit with Apple CarPlay & Android Auto, cigarette lighter is now a USB connector for a clean OEM look
  • Added trailer hitch (no electronics – and not a uhaul job)


  • Very very slow oil drip from the rear main seal. It’s so slow that I’ve never had to top it off between oil changes but there is a slow drip.
  • Passenger side front fender has some bubbling on the paint at the fender flare.
  • Front bumper has rust on one of the end caps. It’s a 3 part bumper and not connected to the body so it will not spread from the bumper.
  • Worn driver & passenger seats, some tears in the stiching and cracks in the leather
  • Rubber on the exterior trim is dried
  • Paint on the roof is fading.
  • Power antenna is stuck up
  • Missing driver side runner board – if you run the carfax it says there was some damage to the driver side from the original owner, the only evidence is the missing running board.
  • Fog lamps are installed and there is a switch on the interior to turn them on but they are not connected.
  • Tachometer is not accurate.